CLIENT: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Housemarque
PROJECT: Full Level Design/Co-Dev & Real-Time Cut-Scenes Production

Frame Machine is proud to have been given the opportunity to work with the talented developers at Housemarque to develop the distinctive “House” story levels in this award-winning, cosmic horror title for Sony/PS5.  While Housemarque worked on the haunting visuals, sound and gameplay of the alien world of Atropos, our team designed and built the interactive, first-person POV sequences that thrust the main character into a mind-bending version of her childhood home — including concept, interactive and systems design, 3D art, animation, lighting, visual effects, and cinematic scripting — helping to deliver the singular mood and subtle horror of the game’s story loop.

We also produced the real-time cutscenes featured in the game, taking Housemarque’s written treatments from 3D previs through layout, final animation, engine integration and lighting.