CLIENT: NetherRealm Studios/WB Games
PROJECT: Concept Design & In-Engine Cinematics

As serious DC Universe and fighting-game fans, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with the veteran team at NetherRealm Studios to create nearly 140 minutes of cinematics for the story mode of their major AAA franchise, Injustice 2.  Starting with storyboarding and then CG previsualization to help NetherRealm develop the cinematography and animation timing for the scenes, FM processed the raw animation data from the client’s motion capture sessions and completed the cinematic shots all the way through final animation and layout, including facial animation.  We integrated such scenes into the client’s game engine and were later invited to help composite and contribute UI design and motion graphics to some of our favorite shots.

Prior to starting the cinematics pipeline, FM also created numerous concept designs for the project, helping our client to visualize many of the title’s exciting gameplay environments, as well as a chance to reimagine the look of some of the iconic DC Universe characters.